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Automobile Locksmith Annerley QLD 4103

Automotive Locksmiths are there to help in case of an automotive emergency, like locking your keys in your car. Usually, instances like these can turn into an expensive and stressful situation. This is also true if you have lost your car keys, or they have broken or are damaged in some other way.

Luckily, Emergency Locksmith Brisbane provides all kinds of automotive locksmith services, especially when it comes to emergencies in Annerley. We have established ourselves as a reputable company in Brisbane in the past 10 years and we continue to help the locals and travellers out in cases of being locked out of their cars, ignition troubles, or replacing a transponder key.

Emergency Locksmith Brisbane has also extended its services to the residents and businesses of Annerley. We provide quality, affordability and prompt response to the citizens of Annerley in case of an automobile emergency locksmith requirements.

Why Should You Consider Choosing Us?

1. Expertise
We at Emergency Locksmith Brisbane comprise a team that is highly qualified and skilled at automotive emergencies. Since we have been in the business for 10 years now, we have kept ourselves up to date with the changing automobile trends. We have the latest technology needed to unlock your car, like transponder tools, laser key cutting machines, and more.

2. Fast Service
We provide emergency automobile services 24/7. We know that emergencies can occur at the most inconvenient hours. Our availability around the clock means you do not have to worry anymore about losing your car keys or being locked out your vehicle.

3. Reprogramming Transponder Keys
Emergency Locksmith Brisbane in Annerley can provide, copy, repair, and replace your vehicle’s transponder keys. We deal with many kinds of vehicles, like Ford, Volvo, Mercedes and so on. We ensure you do not need to go through the hassle of going to a manufacturer or dealer. With our latest technology, we can program the Electronic Management System to match your built-in Immobiliser Technology.

Services We Provide – why trust rookies when you have access to affordable experts?

1. Unlocking Car: We have a number of tools to open your car locks in the right way. Our staff is experienced enough to know what tools to use depending on the vehicle. For example, the most popular way to open car locks is the Slim Jim. However, that only work on cars that have upright style locks. We can unlock your car without damaging your vehicle in any way.

2. Replacing Car Keys: A replacement key is necessary when you have lost your automobile keys and do not have a replacement. The process of the key making replacement can vary with respect to time required to make a replacement. For example, if the key is complex, it will require more time to replace than a basic key.

3. Cutting Car Keys: An automobile locksmith like Emergency Locksmith Brisbane uses metal cutting tools to cut you your car keys. An expert locksmith is important as they can guarantee that the right kind of key blank is being cut.

4. Replacing Key Fob: A key fob ensures you do not need to engage your vehicle’s locks manually to unlock it. The key fob uses electronic integration of the vehicle in order to enhance security. Emergency Locksmiths Brisbane can replace any kind of key fob, like a smart key or an old-school door opener.

At Emergency Locksmith Brisbane, we believe in both qualities of service and affordability. That is why we have extended our Automobile locksmith services to the people of Annerley with the most affordable price list. Our team of professional locksmiths assures trustworthy services with no hidden charges. Call us now on 0404 532 049 or contact us via our website for your automobile lock or key related emergency needs in Annerley.


Yes, we can provide all of the above services. Locksmith Brisbane can guarantee that you will get the best and most reliable services in Brisbane.