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When Banks Trust Us With Their Security, Shouldn’t You?
Posted On June 15th, 2019

Emergency Locksmith Brisbane is Brisbane’s number one commercial locksmith. Trusted by banks, we are proud to have among our blue chip list of clients, brands like Bank of Queensland, ING and the Commonwealth Bank of Australia.  

Safes & Access Control

Other clients include grocery chain IGA, Energex, Puma and Raine and Horne Commercial.

But banks aren’t the only sector whose trust we’ve gained

Reputation, expertise and the unwavering desire to deliver quality commercial locksmith services to businesses in Brisbane have made us the preferred locksmith to do business with today.

A comprehensive set of security services

Every locksmith will cut you a pair of spare keys. Only a few locksmiths will look at your security holistically, however.

Identifying vulnerabilities and fixing them.

Locksmiths Brisbane will install your CCTV and Business Alarm Systems. Arrange 24 hour Security Monitoring if you need it. Reprogrammer keys for your company’s car fleet. Develop master key systems. Remote and restricted access door locks. Plus more.

Locksmith Security Brisbane

What makes us Brisbane’s leading commercial and residential locksmiths?


  1. Our experience – we have served thousands of customers from the biggest to the smallest in a career that has spanned over 2 decades


  1. Our staff – no business becomes good or big by itself – staff drive the growth not customers – hiring staff who are well trained and qualified has earned us the trust and reputation of the big brands we serve


  1. Our openness to technology – every day, we use cutting edge technologies in our daily work. This not only ensures we open doors faster for our clients, it also ensures our service standards are higher than those of our competitors


  1. Our constant monitoring and benchmarking of our service standards – you drop when your service standards do. Service has always been something we’ve put first in our business. This has ensured clients who’ve stayed with us for life.


  1. The speed with which we fix problems once we spot them – problems will always occur in a business due to the complex, interdependent relationships that drive it.


At Locksmiths Brisbane, we understand this very well – always on our toes – we are quick to spot problems in relationships and fix them as soon as they occur.

Service standards that beat most

At Locksmiths Brisbane, there is one thing we never take for granted and that is service. Because we know it’s what keeps customers coming back for more.

  • We answer calls with the promptness you’d expect us to
  • Reliable and punctual, we arrive when we say we will
  • Our rates are competitive – our service is too
  • We are constantly understanding our customers’ expectations and exceeding them

Trust is the currency of commerce

And this stays the same whether you’re a locksmith, juggle or hair and make up artist.

The person who gets the job is the one who instills the most confidence that they are able to do it – and well.

At Emergency Locksmiths Brisbane, we don’t just understand this truth – we play to it – ensuring a client list whose business we secure for life!

If you need a commercial or residential locksmith – please call us

A locksmith of repute, we will listen to your issues before we go about solving them with the tools of our trade. To discuss a security issue – whether commercial or residential- please call us now on 0404 532 049.



Yes, we can provide all of the above services. Locksmith Brisbane can guarantee that you will get the best and most reliable services in Brisbane.