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Why Change Your Locks When You Can Rekey Them?
Posted On August 25th, 2019

Rekeying your locks when you use a reputed Locksmith Brisbane like Emergency Locksmith Brisbane can save you upto $506. Read on to find out how.


Why Rekeying Is The Way To Go

It’s tempting to change a lock when you lose the keys to it.

As Residential Locksmiths in Brisbane who save their clients’ money, the question we ask when clients tell us to change their locks is ‘Why don’t we rekey them instead?’

Rekeying your locks saves you heaps of money. The fact of the matter is, 90% of locks don’t need to be replaced. What they need to be is rekeyed.

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When you rekey your locks, you save money

Rekeying a lock costs $60 to $80 on average. The actual cost depends on your locksmith’s location from your own, plus the products being used. If you opt to change your locks instead, you’ve got to compare the cost of the lock plus labour required to buy and install it with the $60 to $80 to simply rekey it.


You can get a cheap lock off Ebay for $20, but it will be spring based


The trouble with Spring-based locks is you can open them with a credit card or a screwdriver or piece of stiff wire. Because of their poor security, cheap, spring-based locks are not an option when protecting your home or business is what we are talking about.

A truly secure lock like a Lockless Keyless Digital Deadbolt will cost you anywhere between $250 to $300.

A slightly better-quality lock (quality to a Residential Locksmith means Security) is the Lockwood 001 Touch Keyless Digital Deadlatch. This type of lock would set you back by $350.

If you wanted to upgrade security to an extra level, Emergency Locksmith Brisbane would recommend the Samsung Gold Push and Pull Digital RFID Mortise Door Lock available for $575.


But is buying and installing such expensive locks necessary? 

Most times, our response to our clients is ‘no’. You do not and should not have to install such expensive locks – all the time. You do it once. If you lose your keys, or a member of your family or your staff lose theirs, then rather than replace the lock – you rekey it.


The savings you enjoy, on average, if you use the Samsung Gold Push and Pull Digital RFID Mortise Lock as an example are $575 – $69 (installation) = $506.


A 24 X 7 Residential Locksmith in Brisbane 

At Emergency Locksmith Brisbane, we realise that you can lose keys anytime – day or night.

To avoid inconveniencing our customers, we’ve set up a 24X 7 service. What this means is ‘you can call us any time of the day or night without fear of disturbing us.

We have a Night Call service which means one or more of our staff members will always be available and awake to take your call.


Make the Call today!

Call Brisbane Emergency Residential Locksmiths if you’ve locked yourself out of your home, car or office. Well-staffed, we will get a Locksmith out to you in no time at all. But we also do more – give you the most cost-effective solution to opening your door and letting you in.

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