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Emergency Locksmith Brisbane: We value time – yours.
Posted On July 12th, 2019

When you’ve been a locksmith in Brisbane for over a decade, you come to know what your clients’ value most. Time. 

It’s the one thing we never take for granted.

Commercial Locksmiths Brisbane

We turn up, when we say we will. Generally, within 29 minutes, or less, if you live in any Brisbane suburb. 

Emergency Locksmiths Brisbane

Emergency Locksmiths Brisbane

If we’re going to be late, we’ll let you know 

When you’ve been locksmiths servicing Brisbane as long as we have, you realise what makes a difference to business.

Common courtesy. 

So ‘courtesy’ is what we deliver as an essential part of the service we provide our clients with. 

Lost your keys again? 

Not a problem at all. With a fleet of locksmiths working for us – all of whom are experienced and qualified – we’ll get you back into your home in no time at all. 


We service homes and cars 

Whether you’ve locked yourself out of your home, or car, it doesn’t really matter to us. 

We are experts in opening the door locks of both.

Average time it takes us to open the door of a client’s home or car: 3 minutes


A member of the Tapsy Group 

Tapsy is an independent audit system that allows you to book tradespeople as well as rate them on their service. 

Confident of our client’s satisfaction with our service, we audit it periodically, you can book us direct or through Tapsy – depending on what’s more 

Convenient to you. 


We service residential, commercial and cars you may have locked yourself out off

Our locksmiths are trained in servicing lockouts in all three areas. 

We get there quickly – understanding how inconvenient it can feel to to be locked out of your office, home or car.


We also cut spare keys should you need us to 

It’s no fun feeling like a spare – even if you happen to be a key. But for us, spares are fun – we cut them for our customers at a price you’re sure to see as affordable. 


Do you need a spare set of keys urgently or have you locked yourself out of your home or car -again? 

Let us help you get a new set of keys or open your door again. With our trained, qualified team of locksmiths who can’t wait to help service you – with a smile! 


To arrange to get a qualified Residential Locksmith, Commercial Locksmith or Car Locksmith out to you, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at Emergency Locksmith Brisbane on 0404 532 049.



Yes, we can provide all of the above services. Locksmith Brisbane can guarantee that you will get the best and most reliable services in Brisbane.