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Posted On May 29th, 2017

There could be a number of reasons behind your safe not opening. To get back inside your locked safe you need to know exactly what to do. You need to be prepared to regain access to your locked safe and for that you require to have a bit of information. You can also choose to call a locksmith to assist you at any point.

Determine the Type of Your Safe

It is incredibly important to know what type of safe you have. Locate the brand name first which is most likely in the form of a company logo on the front door of the safe. But sometimes it may just have some form of illustration or large painted letters spelling out the company’s name.

If there is no clear brand name then look for any type of purchasing information. If you cannot find that, look at the type of construction and size of the safe. There is a chance that what you are thinking is a safe, is actually a lockbox.

If you have failed to find any relevant information about your locked safe, just call Emergency Locksmith Brisbane and tell them that your safe won’t open and consider the job as done.

Why Are You Locked Out?

The precise nature of the safe lockout has to be uncovered in order to get back into your locked safe. If your safe opens with a key and you broke the key off in the lock then remove the broken key and have a new key made in order to see if the safe opens or not. If your safe has an electronic lock, there is a possibility that it ran out of batteries and you cannot use the code to open it.

Similarly, you can’t open the safe if you have forgotten the combination or code to the safe. Check the safe literature to see if there is a reset code to perform without opening the safe.

Safe Bouncing

This applies to only substandard quality of safes that security experts do not recommend. You simply strike the top of vault while turning the handle simultaneously to bounce a safe.

Lock Overrides

There is a factory code that comes as standard to reset safes without the need to open them, such as repetitive zeros. You can find the information written somewhere on the safe. Be sure that you have the right model number if the safe won’t open with the information you get.


Safe manipulation is more about knowledge, practice and talent. A professional locksmith can still open your safe this way if your safe has manual combination locks. These type of locking mechanism can be manipulated without harming the safe.


Feel free to call Emergency Locksmith Brisbane at 0404 532 049 if you need any assistance with opening your safe.

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