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Why You Should Change the Locks When You Move to A New House?
Posted On September 25th, 2019

Moving is one of the biggest events in a person’s life. This is because moving often entails leaving behind everything you know and love, and moving into unfamiliar surroundings. And that’s a difficult transition for most people. Fear of the unknown can add to that stress, turning an exciting time in your life – into a stressful one as well. And in the chaos of it all, most home owners forget to do one important thing before moving into their new home: changing the locks! If you’re wondering why changing the locks in your new house is so important, then read this article from Emergency Locksmith Brisbane to understand.

Top 3 Reasons to Change the Locks in Your New Home

New House Lock

  1. To Ensure No One Can Access Your Home Without Your Knowledge

One of the biggest reasons to change the locks is to ensure that the previous residents cannot access the house anymore. You never know how many copies were made of the old keys. Why risk using those same keys and constantly worry about whether there are duplicate keys out there that will give someone entry into your home? Contact a Brisbane Locksmith and have those locks changed for your peace of mind.

  1. For Better Safety and Security

It’s always good to update your locks. With the advancements in technology, the past few years has seen a big boom in the sales of digital and smart lock systems. Why not invest in one? Not only will it improve your home’s security, it will make your life easy as well. With fingerprint scanning and access codes, you will never again have to worry about losing your keys!

  1. To Eliminate the Risk of Insurance Claims Being Invalidated

If your house gets burgled, and the intruder was someone who had copies of your keys and gained access simply by unlocking the door and walking in, your insurance claims might be invalidated. Most insurance companies need evidence 9f forced entry or tampering in order for them to pay your claim. In the absence of that, they might refuse to pay your claim, citing that there was no evidence of a break-in or burglary. While everyone hopes that they never have to face the horrible situation of having their house robbed, what’s worse would be to lose your valuables and then have the insurance provider decline to pay your claim – all because of one simple thing that you neglected to do. So, don’t take the risk. As soon as you move into your new home, get on the phone and have a Residential Locksmith Brisbane come over to change all your locks.

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