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A Few Tips For Choosing The Best Commercial Locksmith In Brisbane
Posted On May 17th, 2019

Commercial locksmiths are different to Residential Locksmiths Brisbane. As a commercial locksmith, your skillsets must be more complex, and service standards higher.

The Best Commercial Locksmith In Brisbane

The most successful commercial locksmiths in Brisbane – the ones clients love – know their jobs – they also know how to deliver them.

Using service standards that are head and shoulders above the rest.

Commercial Locksmith

How to choose the best commercial locksmith in Brisbane? Here is what to do

1.Look at minimum 3 locksmiths before you settle on one – locksmiths give their game away on their websites. If a locksmith’s website looks like they haven’t paid much attention to it, chances are their work ethic and standards will be tardy as well.

Choose a commercial locksmith (or a residential locksmith if that’s what you need) based on how comfortable you feel with their profile on the web

2.Go with word of mouth when you can – at Emergency Locksmiths Brisbane, we appreciate that if you are locked out of your office, you need to get a commercial locksmith in a hurry so your staff can get to their desks.

In this case, using Google to find a Commercial Locksmith in Brisbane is really all you need to do.

However, if you have the luxury of time, and you need a ‘spare set of  office door keys’ made or would like to install a ‘keypad lock’ that is passcode operated or look at a ‘Swipe Card Office Security System’ – then you really want a commercial locksmith that is very experienced at what they do.

With over a decade’s experience in office security, Emergency Locksmith’s Brisbane is used to opening doors for SME businesses and Corporates within minutes. Situated conveniently near the CBD, we get to you within 30 minutes or less!

The Brisbane <Commercial Locksmith> Guarantee

  • Punctual, reliable – on time, every time
  • Responsive, efficient, quick to pick up calls and respond to them
  • Proactive – will get the job done without waiting for too many instructions or orders
  • Thorough – with work that’s right first time – every time
  • Fair pricing that’s competitive and on par with the other commercial locksmiths in Brisbane

3.Ask for previous work done or references – while not 100% reliable – people tend to fudge references – they are useful to assess what type of work a commercial locksmith has done before you employ them to do a job for you.

What you really want to feel when you look at references is that the locksmith you are hiring is capable of the job before you put them on it.


To discuss a job that requires a commercial locksmith, do consider giving us a call at Emergency Locksmiths Brisbane on 0404 532 049


Yes, we can provide all of the above services. Locksmith Brisbane can guarantee that you will get the best and most reliable services in Brisbane.