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Master Key Systems in Brisbane

A Master Key System is the perfect solution for businesses where security is a priority. If your business has multiple levels and many doors to be accessed, keeping track of all the keys for the doors can be frustrating. There’s also the risk of one of the keys getting lost or an employee copying the key. Master Key System is an affordable solution that will make it easy for you to secure your business premises. 

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What Is A Master Key System?

A Master Key System refers to a Restricted Key System that contains a hierarchy of keys allowing different levels of access for different key holders. There is one grand master key that opens all the doors, and there are several other keys each of which are customised to open specific doors. It is a great option for office buildings, warehouses and other commercial properties where security is of the utmost importance. 

How Do Master Key Systems Work?

In a traditional lock and key mechanism, the lock cylinder contains two sets of pins. When the correct key is inserted into the lock, the two pin sets come together to form what’s called a shear line. Once this happens, the lock can be twisted and opened. 

A Master Key System differs from traditional locks in that it has three sets of pins instead of just two. Any standard lock can be converted to a master lock with the addition of a master pin between the two other pins. Now, when the master pin is in place, there will be two shear lines in the lock. This in turn allows two keys that are cut in slightly different fashion to work with the same lock. 

Top Benefits of Investing in A Master Key System for Your Business

  • Convenience 

Perhaps the top benefit of having a Secure Key System for your business is that it is highly convenient. Think about it. All you need is one key to open multiple doors. You no longer have to carry a bunch of keys with you and fumble with finding the right one each time. No more headache and frustration on a daily basis when it comes to unlocking doors. 

  • More Control 

 Another reason why Restricted Key Systems are so popular is because they give you complete control over who has access to which doors. For instance, if you want an employee to be able to access the first level but not the second or third levels, you can make that happen. Similarly, if you need an employee to have access to the stock room where all the goods are stored, that can be done as well. 

A Master Key System allows you to limit access to different employees, based on their roles within the organisation and which specific rooms they need to access on a regular basis. 

  • More Accountability

Since only a few people have access to specific areas within the building, it makes them more accountable when it comes to safekeeping. They will understand the responsibility they’ve been handed and will take extra care to ensure nothing goes amiss as they will be answerable.

  • Easy Tracking

Since the number of keys are limited, it makes it easy to keep track of who has which key. And if a key gets lost or is misplaced, you will realise it immediately. That’s not necessarily the case when you’re dealing with a bunch of keys or multiple key copies and one goes missing. It can take hours or sometimes even days for someone to realise that one of the keys from the bunch is missing.  

  • Affordable Solution

Since you can convert existing locks into master locks, this makes it a very affordable solution. You don’t have to change all your locks or have new doors installed. You can simply update your existing locks, converting them into a Restricted Key System

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