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Residential Locksmiths Brisbane

What you have to be when you’re a locksmith in Brisbane? Responsive

Responsive is the name of the game when you’re a Residential Locksmith in Brisbane. Or its surrounding suburbs.

You can get a call for help any time of day or night. And it can come from 5 minutes or 5 miles away.

You could be in the middle of anything. You have to drop it and go when a call for assistance from a customer comes.

Emergency Locksmith Brisbane is a residential locksmith whose name opens doors

Reliable, affordable and experienced, we provide Brisbane with an emergency residential locksmith service that operates 24/7.

We work on the principle of ‘distributed locksmithing services‘. What this means is, we have our staff located in almost every suburb in Brisbane. So, when you call, we already have a Locksmith located near to you. Simply, because of this way we have been working for nearly a decade now, we can get help to you faster than our competitors can.

Residential Locksmiths Brisbane

It’s tough being locked out of your home – not to mention frustrating

But lockouts are not a situation we’re not familiar with. Every night, we respond to more calls for help than even Emergency Services in Brisbane and Greater QLD.

We get every one of our customers back where they belong – safely in their homes. And all within 30-40 minutes of us receiving their call or should we say ‘cry’ for help.

What makes us different at Emergency Locksmiths Brisbane?

Our responsiveness – we treat all calls as emergencies and respond to them within minutes of their receipt. That’s right, a locksmith gets into their van and makes their way to you within minutes of receiving your call

Our experience – with 10 years’ experience in locksmithing, we open the doors others can’t – every one of our residential locksmiths is qualified, experienced and knows how to handle emergency situations should they arise

Our commitment to service – we are very clear about service, we are committed to it. We will never a customer stranded. If for whatever reason, a van of ours breaks down we will immediately arrange for another one to be sent to you

Our courtesy, politeness and hard work ethic – at all times, we deliver our service with the courtesy, friendliness and politeness you’d expect from a company with a 6-star rating from its customers.

Our affordable rates – we are competitively priced and do not take any undue advantage of our customers. We charge a little extra for the night-shift but we never charge prices our customers would not be able to afford or would complain about

If you’ve been locked out of your home, you can trust us to get you back into it in no time at all. A simple phone call is all it takes. To get us to get an Experienced Locksmith out to you please call us now on 0404 532 049


Yes, we can provide all of the above services. Locksmith Brisbane can guarantee that you will get the best and most reliable services in Brisbane.