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Smart Lock Installation Brisbane

Smart Lock Installation Brisbane

The key to a good night’s sleep is a Smart Lock Installation

Life is full of challenges that a good night’s sleep prepares us for. Sleep is as important to our health as exercise is.

But what gives us sleep? Our Sense of Security does.

When it comes to the security of your home, there are things you can’t take for granted, or go past – like Smart Lock Installation for example.

Smart Locks keep you and your family SAFE

If you or a family member lose a set of keys, what they compromise is your safety. At both a physical and an emotional level.

Why take risks when you don’t have to?

Smart Locks aren’t operated by a key but by an app on your phone. It could be Apple or Android – it doesn’t really matter.

They are a better way to secure your home and the people in it because thieves can’t pick electronic locks the way they can traditional locks.

An increasing trend

Though relatively new to Australia, millennials, hipsters, young families with kids and those who are tech savvy are rapidly adopting Smart Locks due to the higher security levels, and also convenience, they offer.

“With digital, app-enabled or mobile-phone locks as they’re sometimes referred to, you can lock or open your front door remotely”

So, let’s say you’re stuck at the office, and your daughter has returned home from a Math tuition class. She’s hungry (and cranky!) and you’re a single mum or dad who is still an hour’s drive from reaching home. You haven’t given your daughter a mobile phone or a key to the house due to the security risk it might entail. She’s still little – like she’ll always be – to you.

Well, what you can do with a Smart Lock is open the front door for her using your mobile phone or laptop. You may still be at work – making the extra money you need to pay off that mortgage – but at least she gets to enter the house – grab a glass of milk and a ham sandwich.

Benefits of Installing Smart Locks in Your Home

Smart Locks provide a range of benefits that make our lives easier and our homes more secure, such as:

1. Better Accessibility

Since a Smart Lock system will be operated via your smartphone, you have quick and easy access (that does not compromise on safety) to your home.

2. No More Lockout Situations To Worry About

Keys are hands down one of the most misplaced items. If you are always searching for your keys and have faced a lockout situation, then a smart lock is definitely the way to go. Not only do they provide easy access via smartphones, but as mentioned earlier, they also come with fail-safe backup options to gain access to your home. Let lockout emergencies be a thing of the past. Update your traditional home lock system to a new-age system.

3. You Can Provide Access To Others

Your sister’s coming to visit but you need to go to work? No worries. Simply send her an eKey via your smart lock app. Once she’s at your doorstep, she can access the door with the eKey and let herself in. Simple.

4. Improve Connectivity

Smart keyless locks are your first step towards turning your home into a ‘smart home’. What If you have Smart Locks? You can integrate your system with your security system, which will enable you to monitor any suspicious activities and take immediate action if you think there’s been a security breach at your home.

Emergency Locksmiths Brisbane has the necessary knowledge and Expertise that Smart Lock Installation in Australia requires. With a decade of experience behind us, and a reputation built on trust, reliability and affordability we can assess your security and work with you to improve it.

To learn more about it or to talk to us about a quote to install them in your Home, please call us at Emergency Locksmiths Brisbane today on 0404 532 049.


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