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Things you didn’t know about Locksmiths
Posted On November 21st, 2018

Locksmiths do not just help with locks. They also take care of different types and facets of security, like digital as well as physical security of your home or office. A trusted company like Emergency Locksmiths Brisbane can help increase the safety of homes and businesses and protect you from burglaries.

Among other things, Locksmiths usually also deal with:

1. Intercoms

Intercom systems can be either only audio or visual. It helps in identifying the person present outside your house or business. Intercoms are also used for contact within various points in a building. These can include areas like the reception for businesses, or from the main door to a kitchen in a house. Intercom systems can merge with other systems like any pre-installed security systems (CCTVs).

They can help in allowing controlled access to prohibited areas. Intercom systems are a great tool for schools, businesses and even residential areas. They are cost effective yet offer security at various access points – all handled by us along with our Trusted Locksmiths Partners.

2. Security Systems

The most important part of implementing good security is investing in top-of-the-line security systems. Security systems can act as a deterrent for dangers like robbery and warn the owners in various ways, thereby protecting your valuables.

It only takes a single panel to secure a house or a multi-level business. Security Systems are available in wide ranges and models, depending on the kind of security you need. For example, an alarm system can alert you of a break-and-enter, from an entry point that you can choose, should you want to install a security system. This can be an access point, like garage doors or windows.

3. Safes

Safes are used to keep small valuable objects safe. They can both be used for residential purposes (like safeguarding cash) or commercial (for safeguarding valuable documents). They too come in different sizes and varieties, according to your needs and budget.

4. Surveillance Cameras

These cameras are installed at various points and provide video coverage around the area. They can be installed inside or outdoors, depending on your requirements. These cameras make it harder for burglars to target your building, and the video recording can be used as evidence in case they do break in.

The higher tech surveillance cameras can include sensors, WiFi cameras, and motion detection, which can be connected to your smartphone or computers, so you can check in and view the area at ease, anytime.

If you need security installed or repaired at your residence or business, Emergency Locksmiths Brisbane is available 24/7. Contact us now at 0404 532 049.

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