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Tips to Burglar-proof your Apartment
Posted On April 20th, 2018

First and foremost important tip is to think like a burglar to save your apartment from all the burglaries. You need to think about all the doors and windows which are accessible and think of ways you personally can break-in to your own apartment. If you find any loopholes, try to find a way to cover them. However, following is our guide to help you protect your house.

1. Get to know everyone in your surroundings

You need to keep a close eye on your surroundings. Whether it is your neighbors, the visitors they are having over the weekend, the eye they are keeping on you, the way they meet you, or any other person coming in your neighborhood. You got to keep an eye on everyone and in case of any suspicious activity, just inform your apartment’s security.

2. Secure your doors and windows

Many people think that only their apartment’s front door needs to be secured. Well, it isn’t true in most of the cases. You need to consider the distance between your and the neighbour’s house windows in case if their house is raided by the thieves, they can’t come to yours easily. Either install metal rods on your windows or install some pretty strong locks. You’ve also got to look for the windows/doors that are easily accessible from the emergency exit staircase and lock it up nicely.

3. How to choose the locks

After you have figured out what doors and windows to look out for, it’s time to check some tough locks. Now this decision largely depends on your budget but you shouldn’t compromise your security at all costs. Following are some type of locks that ensure security to a pretty decent level:

  • Deadbolt locks: Usually they are installed on the wooden doors, however, people shy away from using them on glass doors. They are not as strong but they ensure that no random burglar can enter your house.
  • Mortise lock: They are generally viewed as stronger locks. They can ensure you the premium safety if install with the deadbolt locks on your main door.
  • Padlocks: They aren’t attached to your doors/windows and plus they are stronger.

These locks, along with some security systems like cameras, motion sensors, or wireless security systems perform remarkably. It is, however, always recommended to have some kind of insurance policy to keep you covered in case of any unforeseen events.

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