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What If You Have Smart Locks?
Posted On December 4th, 2018

Brisbane Smart Lock Installation


What If you have Smart Locks and you Lose Phone which Opens them?

Emergency Locksmith can do Smart Locks Installation in Brisbane from $160 onwards.

It’s ok – don’t panic. Modern Smart Locks from reputed international brands like Yale come with a keypad option attached. So, if you lose your mobile phone, you can still unlock your door using the code your Locksmith has pre-programmed into it.

Keyless Entry Locks are fast becoming a standard in Brisbane

Just like credit cards have overtaken cash as a payment system, Keyless Entry Locks are fast becoming a standard in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and other major cities around the world.

Affordably priced, they will cost you around $160 – $460 (depending on the brand of locks you select) to be installed in your home or business premises.

The best Keyless Entry Lock brand is Yale

Yale has dominated the Locksmith Industry for more than 50 years. YaleAssure is a premium brand of the keyless lock with a Twist and Go feature that allows you to open the door using Bluetooth by simply twisting your phone.

Bluetooth will only work when your device is a few meters from your door- so don’t worry – you can ‘”Twist and Shout” all you like in your office – your door won’t accidentally unlock.

Yale thinks of everything- that is why it is a brand Locksmiths swear by

If you accidentally drop your phone in an Uber while travelling home from a bar at night, or in the unfortunate event that your phone gets stolen, you will still be able to open your front door using a code – one that we will provide when we install your keyless entry system for you.

Digital locks are new to Australia

You need a locksmith with a specialist expertise to install them for you. Whether it is your residential or business premises, having an experienced locksmith install your smart lock is very essential.

Many of our clients at Brisbane Emergency Locksmiths install Digital Locks first in their commercial premises and then, once they realise how secure and convenient they are to use, they go ahead and install them in their homes as well, to provide an additional layer of security.

The benefits of smart (keyless entry) locks

1. Keyless locking systems overcome the biggest issue of traditional locking systems which is “Lost Keys” or “Stolen keys.”

2. Keyless Locks cannot be easily broken or tampered with – for hotels, hostels, bed and breakfast establishments, they are a basic form of security business owners need to provide their patrons with, as they could be liable for security lapses should they occur.

3. Provided you engage the services of a Professional Locksmiths, Keyless Entry Locks are quick, easy and affordable to install.

Emergency Locksmiths Brisbane is an expert at Keyless Entry Locks

If you would like us to do an audit of Security Systems at your Home or Office, please call us now on 0404 532 049.

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